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Are Mosaic Marble Floors Hard To Maintain?

7th November 2019

In recent years, marble mosaic flooring has increasingly entered people’s lives and families. In order to maintain the luster and durability of the stone, the five-star international hotel will maintain the marble stone. Then, is the family marble mosaic maintenance clear? Why should stone be cured? Today, Kungfumosaic gives everyone a long-term vision and knowledge~

Why should the marble mosaic floor be cured? First of all, the stone needs maintenance. In our daily packaging and transportation, as well as some external pollution (rain, oil), it will be because the stone itself has a natural and outstanding physical characteristics – water absorption, if we do not maintain the marble stone , then it is easy to cause marble stone to be polluted by many external factors. The pollution problems encountered include: pan-alkali, rust, yellowing, stains, oil spots, straw yellow and weathering, aging, fading, gloss and abrasion, etc., plus marble is relatively soft, so marble stone curing is necessary. Especially, the marble mosaic often used for bathroom floor and wall, then often meet water, even we do waterproof treat.

Many friends don’t know what the benefits of marble mosaic conservation are. In fact, in addition to preventing the above-mentioned lesions and prolonging the life of stone conservation, the following benefits are also available.

UV resistant (delayed stone fading time)
Antifreeze, anti-solubility
Keep the stone breathable
Improve gloss
Reduce the difficulty of daily maintenance

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