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Kungfu Mosaic History

The Kungfu Mosaic workshops founded at 2013 year, the first workshop located in the Maxiang,Xiang,an,Xiamen,China, the workshops just covers 1000m2, and the supply ability is small, but the products mainly export to USA, AUSTRALIA,etc. As the developing fast, we has a new workshops in Shuitou,Quanzhou,and the workshops covers about 2500m2, the machines mostly is imported high tech machine to treatment marble mosaic tiles, and the supply ability is big now, the popular supply is 1000m2 every 10 days.


2013: Old Marble Mosaic Workshops Founed at Maxiang,Xiang,an,Xiamen
2013 – 2015: Workshops mainly focus on the cheap marble mosaic production
2017 : Marble Mosaic Foreigh Office Founded in Xiamen City
2017-2018: Workshops mainly focus on the export white marble mosaic tiles production
2018: New Marble Mosaic Workshops Founded at Shuitou,Quanzhou
2018 –  : The export products to more and more countries and markets now.

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