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    Volakas White Marble is a very high quality and high class marble, its suitable to produce marble mosaic, and the 3d marble mosaic also is a new design and fashion style. This Volakas White Marble Mosaic with widely applications to the high class buildings indoor wall tiles.

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    3D Volakas White Marble Mosaic is a very beautiful white marble 3d mosaic product. The raw material is Volakas White Marble. That is an imported marble and the color is white and quiet, and it is endowed with too many meanings. It has a pure texture and is mainly used for interior high-end decoration, components, countertops, wash basins, sculptures, mosaic,etc.

    There has many advantages that use this white marble material, It has excellent processability, sound insulation and heat insulation, and can be used for deep processing. It is an excellent building decoration material.Fine texture, high processing adaptability, low hardness, easy to engrave, suitable for engraving materials and special-shaped materials.Unique texture, more special landscape, good decorative performance, traces of prehistoric civilization in the texture and texture of the texture, but its overall shape can be described as “modern fashion”, highlighting one A master-class design style, the honor, elegance, and top-notch product characteristics are vividly expressed, because it is deeply loved by many architects.

    Of course, the Volakas White Marble also with disadvantages such as due to the looseness of the marble material, the softer water absorption rate is relatively high.There are many textures, so in the processing, transportation, installation and use process, various kinds of pollution and warping deformation, easy to lose light and other phenomena occur, which affects the decorative effect.Volakas White marble contains calcium oxide, which reacts with rainwater to form calcium carbide. As the volume of calcium carbide increases relative to calcium oxide, it destroys the surface of the stone and causes cracks; the alkali contained in the cement will erode, causing the stone to lose color and suffer Damage, so it must be waterproof when applied to the ground, or brush the primer to make it a closed, alkali-resistant,the Volakas White Marble is a white stone, easy to pollute, it is best to add antifouling agent on the back of the stone.Easy to deform, such as a curved plate, after processing, it is best to install as soon as possible.The color difference of the stone is large, and the pattern is too thick or flaky to affect its utilization.So its often in high price.

    Even we list some Volakas White Marble disadvantages, but its a natural marble stone, some disavatages is popular marble features, and its in soft feature, and easy cutting into marble mosaic tiles too.

    This material also in high quality performance, The Volakas White Marble density is 2.71g/cm3, and the water absorption is 0.28%,flextural strength in 18.1Mpa, and Compress strength in 140Mpa.

    The Volakas white marble mosaic also in rich styles, this 3d marble mosaic with new design and good quality, its can be used for mostly high class buildings indoor wall decoration.


    Volakas White Marble


    3d marble mosaic Shape in White Color

    Surface Finishing






    +-0.5mm or other special request

    Product NO




    Plastic Inside&Carton&Strong Seaworthy Wooden Box


    Foam Inside&Strong Seaworthy Wooden Crates


     50 square meters

    Lead Time

     7-10 days for first one container after receiving the deposit

    Price Terms


    Payment Terms

     Western Union
     Alibaba Trade Assurance
     Irrevocable 100% L/C at sight
     30% deposit by T/T, 70% balance on sight of the copy B/L


     Free samples are available




     Rich Styles&Own Factory&Own QC Team

    305X305mm (12"x12"), 300x600mm (12"x24"), 400x400mm (16"x16"),

    457x457mm (18”x18”), 600x600mm (24"x24")

    The 3D Volakas White Marble Mosaic strips sizes as poular 3d stone mosaic cubic shapes sizes or as per cutomers' requirements

    Indoor And Outdoor

    Indoor: Wall Mosaic tiles,Lobby,Kitchen,Bath

    Outdoor: Outdoor Wall Facade, but its not popular

    This 3D Volakas White Marble Mosaic is often used for wall tiles

    The 3D Volakas White Marble Mosaic with popular style, the mosaic strips except can do in 3d curved shapes, its also can be produce in Bricks, Rectangle, Round, Diamond, Irregular, Broken,Flower Style,Octagon,Chervon,Fish Scale, and other customer requested special design styles.etc

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